Mohammad Ali Pasha and the Bedouin tribes in the south of Bilaad al-Sham (1248-1256 H/1832-1840 AC)

Abdalhameed Mohamad Abu Seeni


This paper investigates the history of the south of Bilaad Alshaam during the period of the military conflict between Egypt Waali and the Ottoman Sultan as well as the motivations that led Mohammad Ali Baasha to occupy this area and force the Bedouin tribes to be under his control during his campaign in Bilaad Alshaam despite the fact that there were no Ottoman armed forces in that area during that time. This study employed the comparative and descriptive historical approaches based on the Royal Egyptian manuscripts. The findings showed that the southern parts of Bilaad Alshaam including the Bedouin tribes had an influential military role for Mohammad Ali Baasha to continue his occupation of the Northern areas of Bilaad Alshaam. The results recommended that more rigorous research should be done to investigate those royal manuscripts at different economic and social aspects pertaining to that part of Bilaad Alshaam


Royal Egyptian Manuscripts, south of Bilaad Alshaam, Mohammad Ali Baash, the Ottoman empire


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