Interest Contracts: Debts and Sales A Historical Documentary Study from The First until the Tenth Hijri Century

Ghaidaa Khaznah Katbi


Papyrus documents constitute a practical and applicable area of study for the formation of legal contracts. On the one hand, these contracts enable researchers to investigate how reliable they are as true examples that are referred to when contracts of transactions between individuals are written. On the other hand, these contracts help those interested in following up on the practical development of several kinds of monetary transactions such as debts and sales. This study attempts to detect and analyze the similarities between the theoretical examples illustrated by the forms of legal scholars and the practical samples illustrated by the papyri as documented transactions between individuals. The study also sheds light on the differences, if any, in addition to deriving the precise means and procedures of the state in controlling and protecting documents from fraud and alteration, which indicates the degree of progress that Islamic civilization had reached in this respect. This makes the papyri along with the study of the formation of legal contracts and the implications of historians a useful field that should not be overlooked for deep understanding of historical studies.


Legal Forms, Papyrus Documents, Contracts, Monetary Transactions


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