Diwan Rasail al – Sabi Registry of al– Sabi letters 448 H/1056D

Ihsan Thi Al-noon al-thamri


This resesrch displays the stages of the collection, editting and studying of a group of important documentary letters which date back to the Abbasid era when Buwaihidsruled had controlled the goverenment's resources in Baghdad, the capital of the caliphate state and many of the eastern muslim countries. Those letters were written by one of the most distinguished writers of the Buwaihids administartion called Ibrahim Bin Hillil Al - Sabi. The study shows how the letters were collected and classified according to the reason they were written for, weather they are political, admistrativ or other than that. It also shows the importance of these letters and how they supply a big and important material for historical writing. It also showed the written documents on which the Diwan of al - Sabi'sLetters approved for and it's editting curriculum. The research has presented a useful Definition of Ibrahim al Sabi and the Sabianism. In addition, it has presented a definition for Buwaihids pointing to the most important resources for studying their history


official letters, Buwaihids, Al - Sabi, Sabianism


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