Buying and Selling Real Estate in the City of Jerusalem Early Seventeenth Century (1600 -1601) Documentary Study in Light of Shiraah Record/ No:82

Shadiya Al-Idwan


This study sheds light on the real estate selling and buying process in the city of Jerusalem in the early seventh century by tracking real estate purchase and sale contracts that were made in the Sharia court in city of Jerusalem, such as: shops, homes, bakeries and yards attached houses, where the study sought to focus on the quality, size of real estates, and the impact on prices during the study period. The study was based primarily on deriving its information from the records of the sharia court, where legal records are a rich source of economical information in the city of Jerusalem. The study found that the sale and purchase of real estate movement during the period referred to was active in general, as their prices varied depending on two main factors: Property type and location, and the space. It was noted that the houses prices were expensive compared to other real estates.


real estate, Jerusalem, sell, buy, Sharia Court.


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