The Different Approaches in Writing History in Aleppo and the approach followed by its historian Ibn Al-Adim in his book Bughyat al-Talab fi Tarikh Halab

Al- Mahdi Eid Al- Rawadieh


The study explores two aspects: the first is related to the written historical works in Aleppo and it vicinity during the first seven centuries of Islamic era until the period in which the historian Kamal Al-Din Ibn Al-Adim, the writer of Bughyat al-Talab fi Tarikh Halab, lived (660 AH/1262 A.D). The written book is one of the most outstanding works due to the valuable ancient texts that sheds the light on the history of this part of levant. The study found that there were many efforts made on the history of the region before Ibn Al-Adim like Syiar Al-Thughoor, by Al Tarsousi (401AH/1010), Yahya ibn Ali ibn Zurayq’s book (509AH/1115 A.D), Hamdan Atharebi’s book (542 AH/ 1147 A.D), and Al Udaimi’s two books (556 AH/1161 A.D). Ibn Al-Adim relied on all of those important resources in writing his works. The second thing covered in the study is the analysis of the book itself “Bughyat al-Talab fi Tarikh Halab” and its importance in studying the history of region. The study explores the great efforts made by Ibn Al-Adim in documenting everything related to the region.


Ibn Al-Adim, History of Aleppo, Historical Writing in Aleppo.


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