The Gates of the City of Jerusalem in the Fatimid and Saljuq Periods (969-1099 AD)

Umar Abd Rabbu


This study discusses the gates of the city of Jerusalem during the Fāṭimid and Saljūq periods through the study of historical sources, contemporary research on this subject and the results of archaeological excavations since the end of the nineteenth century up to the present near the Ottoman city walls and gates. The study provides new locations for the gates mentioned by al-Muqaddasī at the beginning of the Fāṭimid period and until 425 AH /1033 AD when an earthquake struck the city. Also presented are the changes in the number of gates and their locations in the city walls after the earthquake, with a list of new gates and their locations until 492 AH /1099. In revising the distribution of Jerusalem gates, the study also evaluates earlier historical sources and contemporary interpretations based on them.


Jerusalem, Fatimid Period, Saljuq Period, City Gates.


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