Affordability of Low Income Housing in Amman, Jordan

Jamal Ahmad Alnsour


This study aims at examining the affordability of low-income housing in Amman. A quantitative methodology implying a cross-sectional survey was used to satisfy the study objectives. 870 questionnaires were distributed in Abu Nuseir, during April and July 2013. Different dimensions were examined in relation to the affordability of low-income housing, including price to income ratio for households, monthly payment to income ratio for households, price to income ratio versus payment to income ratio, the relationship between housing affordability and dwelling type, and the relationship between housing affordability and family size. Findings revealed that low-income people are unable to afford housing. The inability of low-income people to afford a house is related to a set of social-economic factors such as family size, low income, the lack of finance facilities. This implies that housing policy should tend towards smaller housing units and reduce the cost of housing construction.


Housing Affordability, Low Income Housing, Housing Policy, Amman, Jordan

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