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Al-Beshtawi, Suleiman H., Al-Israa University (Jordan)
Al-Beshtawi, Sulieman Hussein, Israa University (Jordan)
Al-Dalain, Ali, Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business, The Middle East University (Jordan)
Al-Debei, Mutaz M., Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business, The University of Jordan (Jordan)
Al-Debei, Mutaz M., The University of Jordan (Jordan)
Al-Debi, Mamoun M.
Al-Debi'e, Mamoun M.
Al-Debi'e, Mamoun M (Jordan)
Al-Debi'e, Mamoun M., The University of Jordan (Jordan)
Al-Debi'e, Mamoun
AL-Debi'e, Mamoun Mohd, The University of Jordan (Jordan)
Al-Debi’e, Mamoun M.
Al-Dmour, Hani H.
Al-Dmour, Hani H., University of Jordan
Al-Dmour, Hani H., Faculty of Business-University of Jordan
Al-Dmour, Hani
Al-Dmour, Hani Hamed
Al-Dmour, Rand H (Jordan)
Al-Dmour, Rand H., The University of Jordan (Jordan)
Al-Dmour, Rand, The University of Jordan (Jordan)
AL-Emyan, Mahmoud Salman, Faculty of Business, University of Jordan
Al-Essa, Yaseen
Al-Ezzi, Ammar Ghazi, University of Diyala, Iraq (Jordan)
Al-Faori, Abeer H.
Al-Faouri, Abeer Hmoud, Petra University

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