The Degree of Market Concentration in the Audit of Listed Companies in the Stock Market (The Case of Saudi Arabia)

Ahmed Abdulqader Al-Qarni


The study aimed to measure the degree of concentration of the audit market in Saudi Arabia and then to determine the most important factors influencing the decision to choose the auditor and the impact of these factors on market concentration. To achieve the study objectives the researcher reviewed all reports issued by the boards of directors of listed companies in the stock market in 2012 and 2013 so as to identify the company's auditors. In addition, a questionnaire has been used as a method for collecting data to examine factors affecting auditor appointment decisions based on the opinions of public companies and audit firms. The results confirmed the concentration of audit market in Saudi Arabia and identify a number of factors affecting the decision to choose the auditor. Finally, this study ends up with a number of important and practical recommendations.


Concentration of the Audit Market, Audit Market, Saudi Market

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