The Level of the Use of Information and Communication Technologies Tools (ICTs) in Industrial Jordanian Shareholding Companies and its Effect on Organizational Performance:Field Study

Mohamad Al-Jedaiah


This study aims to understanding the nature of IT tools that are used in Jordan Industrial Companies and to analyze the relationship between these tools and the organizational performance. A survey has been developed based on the literature review, the sample included (153) questionnaires in (46) industrial companies of which 75% were returned.
The main results of the study indicate that 82% of industrial Jordanian Shareholding Companies have computer department and 93% of managers use computer in their work. Furthermore, 62% of the manager's computers are connected with internet; however 79% of these companies do not have an intranet among divisions and departments.
(24.2%) of the responding organizations use modern electronic connection software applications like Supply Chain Operation Reference Model (SCOR) and the traditional one likes EDI.
The most frequent IT tools used were: Fax and Telephone. Moreover, the results indicate that there is a positive statistical relationship between the use of IT tools and organizational performance. Also, there is a positive relationship between the use of internet and the esprit de corps.


Information Communication and Technologies tools (ICTs), Organizational Performance, Overall performance, Esprit de corps, Supply Chain Software applications, E-Corporation

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