Testing of Applicability of Internal Marketing Measure to Jordanian Business Environment (Analytical Study of Internal Marketing Dimensions at Jordanian Commercial Banks)

Shafiq I. Haddad, Ali A. Ali


This study aims to investigate to what extent commercial banks are committed to internal marketing concept, and to identify how close or far is the internal marketing measure tested in Jordan from other measures applied by others in other environments.
The study reached clear answers for the research questions, which confirmed banks’ commitment (10 banks) to internal marketing, and that its four dissensions (rewards, communications, employees’ training and development, and leadership and managerial support) were very close to significant international measures applied elsewhere.
The study provided a number of recommendations, including urging banks’ management to nurture service-oriented culture with respect to bank's vision and its importance in directing employees’ behaviors; more stress was placed on certain marketing concepts related to service-oriented culture; the important role of downward communication and leadership style and their impact on directing employees’ behavior toward serving the Final customer.


Internal Marketing, Factor Analysis.

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