The Effect of Strategic and Tactical Factors in the Successful Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs): An Applied Study in Jordanian Service Sector.

Eshaq M. Alshaar


This study aimed at exploring the strategic and tactical factors affecting the success of ERP systems’
implementation in the Jordanian service companies. A questionnaire was developed in order to collect data
from the study sample, a total of 450 questionnaires were distributed of which 235 questionnaires were
returned, 14 of those were excluded because they were not completed appropriately resulted in a total of
(221) questionnaires ready for analysis, these represent employees who use ERP systems in the
telecommunication sector and private hospitals in Jordan. Data were analyzed using a number of statistical
techniques including multiple regression and simple regression. It was found that the strategic factors (top
management support, and project management), and tactical factors (communications, training and
educating users, and supporting ERP systems suppliers) affects the successful implementation of ERP
systems. However, business reengineering has no effect on the successful implementation of ERP systems.


Strategic Factors, Tactical Factors, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Jordanian Service Sector.

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