The Evaluation of Hospital Information System Usability and Its Effectiveness on Customers’ Satisfaction Based on ISO 9241-10

Nader A. Abu Sheikha, Faisal N. Al-Madi, Fadi W. Abu Bakr


The study aimed at determining whether there is any relationship between Careware (Hospital Information System) usability and customer satisfaction (Patient). It also aimed at identifying any differences between the usability of Careware in two medical centers (The Arab Center for Heart and Special Surgery and Al-Estiklal Hospital). The type of research is a single cross-sectional design in which the collection of data from the respondents was carried out only once. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers adapted IsoMetrics questionnaire, a usability inventory that provides a user-oriented summative approach to software evaluation on the bases of ISO 9241 (Part 10). Another questionnaire was designed based on previous studies and the theoretical framework. Both questionnaires were distributed to a sample of (380) patients in the two hospitals. 342 questionnaires were return; however, 22 questionnaires were dropped, because they deemed to be invalid for data analysis. Data was analyzed using the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) version (20). The study revealed that Careware usability has a statistically significance effect on customers’ satisfaction (Patient). The study also found that there are no differences between Careware usability in both medical centers.


Hospital Information System, Customer Satisfaction, effectiveness.

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