Knowledge Management Components: Analytical Study in the Jordanian Ministry of Education

Abdul Fattah Karasneh, Sumaia Al-Khalili


The present study aims at knowing the actual practice of knowledge management activities at Ministry of Education in Jordan, and showing the importance of knowledge management as a contemporary concept that helps Ministry of Education to promote its service level and to contribute in building knowledge-economy society. To achieve the study objectives, a questionnaire was designed and distributed to a sample of (106) participants. The study concluded with:

1. Knowledge management activities practiced were mostly high; except for knowledge storage, knowledge exchange and publication, and knowledge screening, which were fairly practiced.

2. There was a positive statistical relationship between knowledge management strategy and practicing degree of such activities as knowledge creation, knowledge own, knowledge filtering, knowledge storage, knowledge validation, knowledge application, knowledge distribution and exchange, knowledge development, and formation community of practice.


Knowledge Management Dimensions: Creation, Acquisition, Filtering, Storage and presentation, validation, Application, dissemination, Development, Community of practice, Strategies, Ministry of Education.

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