The Impact of the Motivational Dimensions on the Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Field Study of Municipalities Employees’ Attitudes at the Southern Governorates of Jordan

Samer Al-Bashabsheh, Mohammad Al-Harahsheh


The study aimed at identifying the employees’ attitudes toward the impact of job motivation variables on the organizational citizenship behavior at the southern governorates municipalities of Jordan. To achieve the goals of this study, a questionnaire was developed and distributed to a sample of (444) respondents. The study has reached the followings:
1. The perception of the respondents toward the job motivational variables(existence, security, affiliation, esteem and self- actualization ) was medium . Towards the organizational citizenship behavior, it was high.
2. There is a statistically significant effect of the job motivational variables on dimensions of the organizational citizenship (civic virtue , altruism , conscientiousness , courtesy , sportsmanship).
The study provided a number of recommendations to enhance job motivation. As a result the organizational citizenship behavior, the Municipalities Ministry and the municipalities in the southern governorate of Jordan must adopt a plan and the latest policies in this regard.


Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Job Motivation , Organizational Behavior

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