The Impact Of Quality Work life On The Organizational Effectiveness at Military Hospitals In Riyadh Region from Employees Perspective

Riyad AlHashimi, Ali Adayleh


The study aims at identifying the level of the quality of work life and its impact on the organizational effectiveness atthe military hospitals in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from the perspective of employees. The study used a descriptive method. A sratified random sample of employees in these hospitals was chosen, 450 questionnaires were distributed, of which 403 questionnaire were answered back (89.9%) and were valid for statistical analysis. After statistical analysis of data using SPSS program, the study reached some findings, the most important of which are: the quality of work life from the perspective of the employees in military hospitals is at medium level, with average point (3.18). From the perspective of the employees, the organizational effectiveness in military hospitals is medium, with average point (3.26). The findings reveals statistically significant differences in the surveyed employees' perceptions of quality of work life with regards to the demographic variables of (nationality and experience), where results came in favor of non-Saudis and employees of less than 6-year experience. The results showed no statistically significant difference in the perceptions respondents to the quality of work life attributable to variables of (hospital, age, education, marital status, category, rank / occupation, gender). The study recommends setting a clear and appropriate promotion system to ensure implementation of the objectives of the hospitals and aspirations of their employees, and paying attention to improving the work environment and conditions in military hospitals and putting into effect flexible work schedules for the interest of military hospitals and their employees.


Quality Work life, Organizational Effectiveness, Military Hospitals work environment.

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