Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences, Al-Quds Open University

Mahmoud A. Al-Shanti


This study aimed to identify the level of quality of working life, to measure the degree of Practicing transformational leadership style in the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza strip, to detect the impact of transformational leadership style with its four dimensions on quality of working life, As well as, to investigate the effect of procedural justice as a mediating variable on the relationship between transformational leadership style and quality of work life. To achieve the objectives of the study, a study tool (questionnaire) was developed based on the previous studies. A sample of (370) employees working in Palestinian Ministry of Health- at Gaza Strip were selected by using simple random sample, and the received questionnaires were (235) which represents (63.5%) of the entire population of the study. The study found the level of quality of working life to be moderate and the degree of practicing transformational leadership style as perceived by the employees was also moderate. The study also revealed that transformational leadership style (Chromatic and individual consideration) have significant positive effect on quality of working life. Additionally, the study find out that procedural justice fully mediated the relationship between charismatic influence and quality of working life and partially between individual consideration and quality of working life. Finally, the study recommended improving the quality of working life by focusing on opportunities for promotion and advancement, increase the employees' participation in decisions making processes, job security, and activate the system of compensation and rewards. Additionally, encourage mangers to adopt the transformational leadership style.


Quality of working life, Procedural Justice, Transformational Leadership

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