National Culture and Its Impact on Innovation: The Mediating Role of Organizational Culture: An Empirical Study on Jordanian Telecommunication Companies

Moayyad Al-Fawaeer, Ayman Al-Khatib, Feras Anwar Al-Jaghbeir, Tojan Saleh Al-Gagbeer


This study aimed to identify the impact of national culture through its dimensions adopted in the Hofstede model (power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individuality, masculinity, long-term orientation and restraint) on the two dimensions of innovation (service innovation and process innovation) in Jordanian telecommunication companies. Also, the study aimed to identify the mediating role of organizational culture between national culture and innovation. The study population consisted of all the workers in those companies= and a proportional stratified sample of (302) employees was taken, where (296) questionnaires were retrieved, with a response rate of (98.2%). To achieve the aims of the study, the descriptive analytical method was used, based on a questionnaire developed for this purpose as a study tool, consisting of (39) items. Statistical methods appropriate for this type of studies were used and the study reached a set of results, the most prominent of which was that national culture has a statistically significant effect on innovation in Jordanian telecommunication companies. National culture, with its dimensions, has a statistically significant effect on organizational culture. Also, organizational culture has a statistically significant effect on innovation. It was also revealed, through path analysis using the Amos software, that organizational culture exercises a mediating role between national culture and innovation. In light of the results of the study, the most prominent recommendations were the necessity for the researched companies to encourage a culture of teamwork to reach new innovations, as well as the importance of adopting an innovative culture that does not avoid risks of being open to new ideas.


National culture, Innovation, Organizational culture, Jordanian telecommunication companies.


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