The Success Factors of Business Incubators and Their Effect on Developing the Creative Capabilities of Small Enterprises in Jordan

Husam Mahmmud Abu Hamour, Hamzeh Mansour Alzoubi


The aim of this study is to recognize the influence of the success factors of business incubators on developing creative capabilities in small enterprises in Jordan. The research population consisted of the owners of Jordanian small enterprises, whether incubated or not. The study sample consisted of (384) respondents. The research problem was represented by the limited academic interest in researching the role of business incubators in the field of supporting and developing creative capabilities of small projects, which is still weak, specifically in Jordan, where the studies that dealt with this important sector are still relatively few. The results of this study showed that the factors of success for business incubators (good financial plan, qualified human resources and business community and supporters) were efficient in developing the creative capabilities of the Jordanian small enterprises. Based on the results achieved, this study recommends giving attention to the important role of business incubators in supporting small businesses and providing them with creative capabilities. Furthermore, business incubators are recommended to form strategic partnerships with the business society.


Business incubators, Creative capabilities, Small enterprises in Jordan.


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