The Impact of Adopting Project Management Pillars (Agile) on the Success of Marketing Entrepreneurial Products in Jordan

Khalid Irsheed Jaafreh, Mohammad Mansour Abu-Jalil


This research aimed to identify the impact of adopting project management pillars (Agile) on the success of marketing entrepreneurial products in Jordan. The study used the descriptive analytical approach. The research community consisted of the leading projects operating in the Jordanian market. The study sample included (384) respondents. The analysis unit consisted of the owners of entrepreneurial projects working in the Jordanian market. It was found that there is an impact of adopting project management pillars (Agile) with its independent variables (creative idea, servant leadership and focusing on value) on the Success of marketing entrepreneurial products in Jordan. It was also found that adopting these pillars encourages individual initiatives to create change and solve marketing problems. Moreover, it encourages marketing research and entrepreneurial projects to market entrepreneurship. In addition, it helps attract and apply innovative marketing ideas. The research recommends to adopt creative ideas as an essential pillar of agile management of projects and continue to practice the style of servant leadership that serves subordinates, puts their interests before the interest of the leader and promotes their values.


Project management, Agile project management, Creative idea, Servant leadership, Focusing on value, Entrepreneurial projects, Jordan.


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