Impact of Information Technology on Organizational Performance in Jordanian Public Entities

Mothana AL Manaseer, Mahmoud Maqableh, Ala'aldin Alrowwad, Ra'ed Masa'deh


The aim of this study is to explore the impact of information technology (IT) devices, as well as communication devices and databases, considering programming, skills and experiences as the independent variable, on the Jordanian public entities’ organizational performance that participated in King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in terms of government performance and transparency. The study used descriptive design using a questionnaire developed and distributed to the study sample which consisted of 262 employees working in Jordanian public entities. Results of the current study revealed that information technology and its dimensions have been moderately implemented in the studied organizations. Furthermore, the results revealed that there are relationships among information technology dimensions as well as between information technology dimensions and organizational performance at the significance level (0.05). In addition، the results showed that there is a significant positive impact of information technology on organizational performance. The study recommends to consider the importance of information technology for public organizations. Furthermore, the study recommends to seriously implement information technology and its dimensions in public organizations.


Information technology, Organizational performance, King Abdullah II Award for Excellence, Government performance, Transparency

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