Evaluating the Impact of Some Organizational Health Dimensions on Sales and Marketing Delegate Performance in Jordanian Insurance Companies

Mohammad Mansour Abu-Jalil


This study aims to evaluate the impact of organizational health dimensions on sales and marketing delegate performance in Jordanian insurance companies. The sample of the study consisted of (102) respondents from among sales managers, sales delegates, marketing departments’ managers, insurance agents and mediators, as well as marketing staff working in marketing and selling insurance documents at Jordanian insurance companies listed in Amman Stock Exchange. The analytical descriptive method was adopted and linear regression (simple and multiple) tests were used to test the research hypotheses. Results showed that there was a statistically significant effect for organizational health dimensions represented by (objective clarity, trust, creativity, cohesion and communication suitability) on the performance of sales and marketing delegates in Jordanian insurance companies. Results also showed that the degree of organizational health dimensions in sales and marketing delegates in Jordanian insurance companies was high, except for the dimension of communication suitability the degree of which was middle. In light of the findings of the study, Jordanian insurance companies are recommended to take their role in increasing interest in the dimensions of organizational health and reinforcing organizational health due to its effect on improving the performance of sales and marketing delegates. Moreover, Jordanian insurance companies are recommended to develop the standards of each dimension of organizational health and connect them to marketing performance in order to be able, on the one hand, to determine and reinforce points of strength and, on the other hand, to determine weakness points to treat them.


Organizational health dimensions, Sales and marketing delegate performance, Jordanian insurance companies.

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