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A'rar, Abdulla, Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Jordan (Jordan)
a,Najjar, Khaled saba, University of Aleppo. (Syrian Arab Republic)
A., Guendouz
A., Tabsh (Syrian Arab Republic)
A. E., Gbadamosi (Nigeria)
Aakari, Mohammad Ali
Ababneh, M. M.
Ababneh, Qotaibah O., Department of Food Science and Department of Animal Science, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N3, Canada.
Abass, Jamal A.
Abati, Abraham, Department of Cell Biology and Genetics, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria (Nigeria)
Abbady, Amal A., Al-Balqa Applied University (Jordan)
Abbas, Jamal (Iraq)
Abbas, Jamal A.
Abbas, Jamal Ahmed, University of Kufa (Iraq)
Abbas, Manal (Jordan)
Abbass, Jamal Ahmed, University of Kufa (Iraq)
Abbass, Jamal Ahmed, College of Agriculture, Kufa University, Iraq
Abbass, Jamal Ahmed
Abboud, Jalal
Abd, Abdulkareem M, Date Palm Research Center (Iraq)
Abd Alhameed, Abeer
Abd El Aziz, M., Prof. of Field Crops, Faculty of Agriculture University of Teshreen (Jordan)
Abd el-Quader, Salma
Abdallah, Obaidah S.
Abdel, Caser (Germany)
Abdel, Caser Ghaafar (Germany)
Abdel Latif, Abedel Ghani, University of Aleppo (Syrian Arab Republic)
Abdel-Baki, Thaer M (Jordan)
Abdel-Ghani, A. H.
Abdel-Ghani, Adel H.
Abdel-Ghani, Adel H., Mu’tah University (Jordan)
Abdel-Ghani, Adel H., Mutah University (Jordan)
Abdel-Hadi, M. A., kafrelsheikh University (Egypt)
Abdel-Rahman, Zayed S.
Abdelrahman, Mutassim M.
AbdElWahed, Mansour Hofny, Faculty of Agriculture, Sohag University, Egypt (Jordan)
Abdul Latif, Abdul Ghani, University of Aleppo. (Syrian Arab Republic)
Abdul Maqsoud, Doaa Gomaa, Agricultural Engineering (Egypt)
Abdul Rasool, I. J., Hort. Dept., College of Agric., Univ. of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
Abdul Sattar, S. S.
Abdul-Kader, Ahmad M.
Abdul-Kader, Ahmad
Abdul-Rassoul, M., Professor, Res. Cent. and Nat. Hist. Mus., Baghdad Univerisity, Baghdad, Iraq. (Iraq)
Abdul-Razak, Muhammad Mubarak, Field Crops Department, College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad (Jordan)
Abdulaziz, Ahmad, General Commission for Agricultural Scientific Reasearch, Damascus, Syria (Jordan)
Abdulaziz, L., Department of Food Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus-Syria (Jordan)
Abdulhadi, Zainab (Jordan)
Abdulhameed, Reem (Jordan)
Abdulhamid, Reem, The National Committee for Scientific Agricultural Olives Research Department (Syrian Arab Republic)

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