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Jordan Journal of Agricultural Sciences (JJAS) is an International Refereed Research Journal. It is concerned with publishing refereed scientific papers by local and international authors. Manuscripts are published mainly in Arabic or English. Submitted papers are evaluated anonymously by specialists in their field.

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Vol 17, No 3 (2021)

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Siwar Al-Dmour, Firas Ahmad Al-Zyoud, Khaled Al-Absi
Kabir Mohammed Adamu, Aliyu-Paiko Mohammed, Diana Bmamazhin David, Namla Djadjiti, Hafsat Mohammad
Rabea Salem Al-Sayaydeh, Khaled Al-Habahbeh, Zahera Akkeh, Farah Mbideen, Randa Albdaiwi
Alireza Sardashti, Amir Asadi Khanuki
Osama Mohummad Fafeem Yosef
rami moris kaba, Yaser Kert, Shirin Fatah