The Effect of Natural Drying and Pickling on Ascorbic Acid , Total Phenols and Antioxidant Activity in Green , Sweet and Hot , Pepper (Capsicum annuum , L).

Ghiath M. Sumainah, Obaidah S. Abdallah, Mohamed A. Mohamed


Green peppers, sweet and hot, were processed by widely used pickling and natural drying procedures, and changes in their content of chemical composition (moisture, ash, sugar and fat), biological active compounds (T-phenol, vit.C) and antioxidant activity, were followed, as no practical paper was attainable.
The results of statistical analysis showed significant differences (P<0.05) between fresh, pickled and dried peppers, as found with ascorbic acid, T-phenol and antioxidant activity measured by DPPH and β-carotene bleaching. Vit.C changed from 1073mg/100g DM in fresh pepper to 1044mg/100g DM in pickled pepper and reached 51.3mg/100gDM in dried pepper. The decrease in T-phenol was smaller, it changed from 3004 mg/100gDM in fresh pepper to 2563 mg/100gDM pickled pepper and reached 219mg/100g DM in dried pepper. These changes were reproduced significantly (P < 0.05) in antioxidant activity.
Storage of pickled and dried peppers for 12 weeks showed a significant loss of vit.C in pickled (93%) and dried pepper (99%). The loss in T-phenol was found to occur to a lesser degree, 26% and 96% in pickled and dried peppers, respectively. These changes influenced the antioxidant activity. All the above results indicate the necessity to work out new techniques able to preserve the valuable biological compounds in pepper.


Green pepper, Antioxidants, Total phenol, Vit.C, Pickled and dried pepper

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