Diversity and In-Situ Conservation of Legume Species in the Mediterranean Ecosystem

M. Ajlouni Ajlouni, A. El-Oqlah, Abdul Latief A. Al-Ghzawi, A.M. Al-Tawaha M. Al-Tawaha, Ahmed Amri


To study the legume diversity in the north part of Jordan, three sites (Baoun, Samta and Rayyan) were selected in Ajloun area. The botanical survey was conducted over four successive spring seasons between the years 2000 and 2004. Our results indicated that the total number of species identified varied between sites, with the highest numbers of species recorded in Samta and Rayyan sites. The predominant species in the three sites were Lathyrus cicera and Trifolium tomentosum. Shannon-weiver diversity index values ranged from 1.75 to 2.46 for the sites. Baoun site showed the highest diversity index value. This study indicated that Ajloun mountainous areas have biodiversity -rich ecosystems wich require concurrent and substential efforts for ex situ and in situ conservation of species of global importance.


Legume, Genetic diversity, Mediterranean ecosystem, Jordan

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