Effect of Pre-Anthesis Water Deficit on Plant Height, Peduncle Length and Spike Length in 13 Barely (Hordeumvulgare L.) Genotypes

Zakaria I. Al-Ajlouni, Abdul Lataif A. Al-Ghzawi, Ayed M. Al-Aabdallat, Jamal Y. Ayad, Jamal M. Abu Elenein, Nisreen A. Al-Quraan, P. Stephen Baenziger


A total of 13 barley genotypes were grown in a Randomized Complete Block Design using 6 replications to study the effect of pre-anthesis water deficit on plant height, peduncle length and spike length. Significant differences were observed amongst genotypes regarding all the characters studied. Genotypic variability was higher than the G X E. Results indicated diverse effect of the non-stressed and stressed environments overall genotypes on the studied traits. At non-stress condition, mean plant height was (67 cm) and was significantly higher than the stressed environment. Overall treatments, Morex was the tallest plant and had the longest peduncle (77.6 cm and 3.78 cm, respectively). Whereas Ubi is the shortest and MF had the shortest peduncle. Tadmor had the longest spike (7.95 cm) while Steptoe had the shortest spikes.


Drought, Jordan, stem elongation, yield, selection

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