Application of PCR-based Markers for off-type Detection in Rice CMS Lines

Ghaffar Kiani


The cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) lines that are used in production of hybrid seeds in three-line system often get contaminated with their maintainer lines. Using such impure CMS lines in rice hybrid seed production lead to un-uniformity and yield loss in hybrid rice. Laborious and time consuming phenotypic evaluations are used for elimination of off-type plants in CMS multiplication farms. The other option for off-type elimination in CMS lines is application of molecular markers. In this study, PCR-based markers were used for distinguishing five male sterile lines from other five maintainer lines. Results showed that cms marker had ability to differentiate male sterile lines Neda A and Nemat A from their maintainers. Also, drrcms marker differentiated male sterile lines Dasht A, Champa A and Amol-3 A from their respective maintainers. Results of the study demonstrate the use of these two markers for off-type detection in CMS seed multiplication process. This is helpful in promotion of hybrid seed production technology in Iran.


Rice, CMS, maintainer, markers, impurity.

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