Postharvest Quality of Two Pomegranate Genotypes as Influenced by Storage Temperature and Period

Sarfaraz F. Al-Bamarny, Azad Hassan Yonis


The present investigation was carried out during 2011 season to study the effect of storage temperature and period on fruit storage behavior of local 'Sharmny' and 'Hablary' pomegranates. Fruits of both cultivars were stored at 2°C or 6°C with 85-90% RH for three storage periods; 1.5, 3 and 4.5 months. Results showed genotypic differences in total soluble solids (TSS), weight loss and titratable acidity. 'Sharmny' showed significantly higher TSS and lower fruit weight loss, while 'Hablary' recorded a significant increase in titratable acidity. Storing fruits of both cultivars at 6°C significantly reduced fruit chilling injury, titratable acidity but increased fruit weight loss in comparison with fruit stored at 2°C, while both storage temperatures didn't significantly affect the other parameters. Moreover, chemical characteristics of fruits were significantly decreased, while fruit weight loss and physiological disorders increased with prolonging of storage period.


Pomegranate, cultivar‚ storage temperature, storage period, postharvest quality.

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