A Survey on Insect Pests of Date Palm Trees in Jordan (Research Note)

Muna Mashal, Basil Abeidat


A survey has been conducted in northern, mid and eastern of the Jordan Valley as well as Aqaba region. The survey was made from June 1999 to July 2001, in order to identify insect pests species, damaging stages of each pest, the economic importance, injured plant parts, sensitivity of different date palm cultivars to each pest and percent of occurrence of each pest on date palm. Thirty six insect pests have been found on date palm trees in Jordan; Red Palm Weevil (RPW), Greater Date Palm Moths (GDM) , Lesser Date Palm Moths (LDM) and Frond Palm Borer (FPB) were found to be the most destructive pests to date palm trees in Jordan. These pests caused an important loss in the fields. Dust mite, also detected as an economic pest, caused high loss ,especially in dusty places. Other recorded moths, weevils, mites and flies were found in the fields under various intensities and different economic importances.
However, some of these insects are monophagous primary pests which feed only on the palms like RPW, GDM, LDM and FPB. These insects are imported with transplants from the neighboring countries to Jordan, while other pests are polyphagous secondary pests which feed on many hosts as on palms such as :med fly, pomegranate butterfly and fig beetle. Any of these secondary pests could be of economic importance under suitable environmental conditions


Survey, Date palm, Red palm weevil, Greater and lesser date moths, Frond palm borer, Dust mite, Weevils.

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