Adoption of Organic Fertilizers on Vegetable Farms in Central Jordan

Muad ALKiyyam, Mohammad Salem Altarawneh


The study aimed to determine the level of adoption of organic fertilizers on vegetable farms in central Jordan. By conducting a statistical analysis of the data collected from the questionnaires collected from a sample of farmers in 2021 distributed to a sample of 368. Data was Analyses using Descriptive Statistics and Regression Analysis. The results showed that the average age of farmers was 46.91 years, their average experience got to 19.58 years, the size of the farm was 16.68 dunms (1000 Sq. m), and the number of family members working on the farm reached 3.5 members, and the average number of years of study was 12.64 years, with an average annual income of 9750 Jordanian dinars.. The results showed that the farmers' adoption rate of using organic fertilizers was within the average level. The probability regression analysis that indicated age and farm size reduced farmers' adoption of organic fertilizers while agricultural education, experience and annual income increased the use of organic fertilizers in the study area. The study recommended the need to conduct awareness training courses for them on organic farming. Extension agents should encourage farmers to participate in adult education and training activities that would improve their skills in using organic fertilizers, in order to increase productivity of vegetable production.


الزراعة العضوية، الأسمدة العضوية، الانحدار الاحتمالي


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