Response Postharvest Quality of Diyala Orange to Two Rootstocks and Some Plant Extracts

Ali Muhi Aldeen Omar, Zhala Muhammad Ahmad, Avan Assi Fatih


This study was performed on Diyala orange fruits to investigate the role of sour orange and Lemon rootstocks and the dipping in (0, 2, 4 and 6)% form each aqueous extract of clove flower buds, thyme leaves and pomegranate peel for four minutes on extend the storability and maintain postharvest quality of Diyala orange fruits. A factorial experiment was used within Randomized Complete Design with three replicates.
The fruits placed in polyethylene bags, subsequently stored at 6±1 ºC and 85-95% relative humidity for two months. The results indicated that fruits were grown on sour orange rootstock significantly maintained the highest values in most of the chemical properties were studied, likewise reduced the weight loss and physiological disorders than fruits were grown on lemon rootstock. Concerning the plant extracts, fruits immersed in 2% clove extract had the maximum values of total soluble solids (TSS), vitamin C and total phenol than control. Furthermore, fruits immersed in 6% thyme extract had the highest values of TSS, total sugar, vitamin C and total phenol, whereas, minimized physiological disorders than control. Likewise, fruits immersed in 2% Pomegranate peel extract had the highest values of TSS and vitamin C but had lower physiological disorders than control.


clove extract; vitamin C; physiological disorders; flavonoids.

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