The Mutashabih in the Qur’an and the Knowledge of its Interpretation

Yahya Jalal


Scholars have different opinions regarding the issue of muhkam and mutashabih in the Qur’an. These opinions have been affected by different considerations. The current study sheds light on and examines the ways scholars deal with the subject of mutashabih. The study suggests that the general meaning of the term mutashabih, rather than some other specific meanings suggested by scholars, is likely to be the most appropriate one. Additionally, the study shows that the matter of interpreting the mutashabih can be dealt with clearly and easily after determining the suitable definition of mutashabih.
Keywords: Muhkam and Mutashabih (one of the topics of the sciences of the Qur’an), Interpretation.


the sciences of the Qur’an; Muhkam and Mutashabih in the Qur'an


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