The Companions’ Faith Education In Medina

Ibrahim M. Burgan


This study deals with the topic of the faith education of the companions, God bless them, in Medina. And this by defining the term "Faith Education", and clarifying the reality of the Madini society before the migration of the prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) from Mecca to Medina.
The study shows the bases and the foundations of faith which the companions' education is based on in Medina, in addition to the features and aspects of this breeding there. It shows as well as the role of medina constitution and its functions in faith education.
Through this study, number of findings has been resulted, such as:
• The most featured foundation in faith education in Medina society is doctrinal unity (association).
• The measure of differentiation between people is the good deeds and behaviors.
• And this previously mentioned measure is the basis of the Islamic brotherhood which eliminates the ignorance.
The Medina constitution has a great role in avoiding discrimination in rights and duties between Muslims and Non-Muslims who settled in Medina. Infact it gives them freedom of religion, and freedom of practicing their religious rituals.


Faith, Education, Companions

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