Cheering Contracts: Its Definition, and Its Extent of Legitimacy

Mohammad S. Al-Ahmad


One of the predominant aspects of law is that the making of contracts is permitted for any purpose whatsoever, providing the contract does not violate the adopted general principles of law, public order and public discipline. In this respect various contracts have been made throughout the years between individuals to achieve their objectives. One of these contracts is called a "Cheering Contract", where the cheerer receives a sum of money in return for his services, being; cheering and applauding a certain performer, singer, contestant, athlete or poet on the stage or on the sports ground. However, this contract and its consequent behaviour were declared illegal by the French legal system in 1900, due to its intention being a breach of public discipline. Nevertheless, this perspective was also modified since the new perception was that cheering contracts encouraged new artists, performers and athletes in the initial stages of their artistic and sports career. Therefore, contracts of such nature are now considered legitimate, and illegal only in exceptional cases.

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Cheering Contracts, Civilian Law, Commercial Law.

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