The Races of Illness of Abu Abdullah Al-Nisabury in his Book “Knowledge of Modern Science” (Diagnostic Study)

Sultan Al-Akayleh, Haifa’ Al-Zeyadah


This study presents the races of illness of Abu Abdullah Alhakem Alnisabury in his book “Knowlage of Modern Science”. This study is a diagnostic one that depends on the proof of the text of Alhakem speech on the conversations that are similar to these races, with the graduation of Mazanha.
Then, he mentioned the attempt of Al- Suyooti to diagnoize the illness of each of them. Al- Suyooti attempt was full of aggregation and generalization and it was followed by commentary words of critics of these examples. Then it is explained in the light of data investigations as Kaltalil’s conflict with interfaces and transmission or lifting.
The researchers also form the other types of illness from the words of ruling races and from the words of other scholars.


Races of Illness, Al-Nisabury.

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