Examining the Manuscript of"Alwujoh Almusferah Fi Alqeraat Althlath Almutawaterah"

Ibtehaj Radi Abd AlRahman


This is a brief draft by Imam Muhammad Ibn Ahmad al-Mutawalli al-Shaffi'i (d.1248 H) in which he collected the three Qura'anic recitations complementary to the former seven ones.These three recitations are: The recitation of Abi Ja'far (Yazeed ibn al-Qa'qaa') based on the narration/report of Ibn Wardan and Ibn Jammaz, the recitatioation of Ya'coub ibn Ishaq al-Hadrami based on the narrarion/report of Ruwais and Rawh and, the third, the recitation of Khalaf ibn Hisham al-Asdi based on the narration/report of Ishaq ibn Ibraheem al-Marwazi and Idris ibn Abdul Kareem al-Baghdadi. In his recitation, al- Shafi'i followed Ibn Al-Jazari in "Al-Durra Al-Mudeea'a". The draft has, actually, not been thoroughly investigated before, and, though brief in size, it does have invaluable information that cannot be dispensed of and, moreover, it is easy to deal with.


Examining the Manuscript, Alwujoh Almusferah.

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