The Judicial Notification through Publication According to the Jordanian Code of Civil Procedures

Awad A. Al-Zou’bi


This study addressed the issue of notification through publication, which is a judicial action that is resorted to by a decision of the Court or its President while all the means and ways of notification are exhausted according to the Code of Civil Procedure. In order to have a valid notification through publication article, (12) of the Code stipulates a group of conditions that consist of a demand to proceed with the notification through publication and issuing a decision approving this kind of notification. The notification must also contain all the statements that guaranty the achievement of the purpose of the notification. These statements are the same as the ones that are contained by the normal notification. The most Important of these statements are defining the date and the time to attend before the court in order to deliver his defense claim, and the need to review the court Registry to receive the case documents. The notification be published in two local newspapers for only once. These requirements are sufficient in order to have a valid notification through publication and to have its legal effects, otherwise the notification will be void.


Judicial Notification, Publication, Jordanian Code of Civil Procedures

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