Combating Corruption in light of the Commission against Corruption law No. 12/2006 in Comparison with the UN Convention against Corruption

Hamde Qbelat, Faisal Shatnawi


This research discussed combating of corruption in light of the commission against torture against corruption law in comparison with the UN Convention against corruption in the purpose of illustrating its efficiency, compatibility with the UN Convention, and how it adds to the pervious efforts that were already implemented in Jordan.

This research has been divided into three chapters. The first chapter dealt with the concept of corruption, the second chapter dealt with legal structure of the commission against corruption, and the third chapter was dedicated to the jurisdiction of the commission and its means. Finally, several conclusions were adopted, mainly that the Jordanian Law is not combatable with convention for this reason it needs several amendments. Also several recommendations were illustrated in order to strengthen the law and mechanism of the commission


Combating Corruption, Commission against Corruption, UN Convention

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