Fundamentalits Sayings Due to Beidhawi and Bazdawi

Tamam Al-Assaf


After looking and reviewing the fundamentalists sayings and evidence, it has been revealed that “variation” is a correct and respected question in rationales objections even it belongs to opposition. It is not an opposition just it is an ordinary and independent from others, even it had involvement and contact with multiple rationales and opposition, whereas Al Hanafiyeh which magnificented on us while it relies on opposition whereas in origin or in the entirety of the two oppositions. In regard to Beidhawi, to establish a difference by him on judgment rational would be on two reasons in addition to the callenge with hindrance. This study revealed that the two scholars and philologists have agreed on its origin. While Baidhawi consented with multiple rationales in the two texts with inference. Thus, variation affects the derived rational but not texted one. While objection and challenge with hindrance is not considered to be defamed according to him. As a result, the difference due to the hindrance in branch is not defaming, while the Bazdawi has built opposition in origin which is null and void according to him. Thus, he mulled the variation question, however if opposition was in the branch, it must be correct in both types not the others.


Fundamentalists Sayings, Beidhawi, Bazdawi.

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