Fragmentary Case Legitimacy, and its Importance in the Case of Contemporary

Aref E. Hassouneh, Abdullah A. Al-Saifi


This research addresses the question of the fragmentary case of those who had not been informed of the contemporary scholars absolute level of diligence; indicating the legitimacy of this endeavor fragmentary, and its importance in contemporary jurisprudence; by extrapolation method and the analytical approach; in response to say: the jurisprudence of many of the scientists of this age is incorrect, and may not be the tradition; because they are not the weight of the imams of the ancient doctrines of Almtbuain and hardworking, who inspected the conditions of absolute Ijtihad or independent, affiliated with, or even religious; and the best off not only be able to open a particular case in a particular issue or issues of doctrine and doors only. The findings in this research that the case for the legitimacy of the fragmentary great impact in correcting the opinions of contemporary scientists who have not attained the rank of the absolute case, has exercised in the cataclysms of the times Having studied the memorandum; fragmentary and extremely important endeavor and impact in the contemporary jurisprudence in that way to facilitate the case of science students contemporaries who are willing and harnessing their energies and abilities to open the door for them, and to find alternative to the less industrious absolute in this day.


Hardworking, Diligent Fragmentary, Hard on, Hard Part, The Fragmentation of Efforts, The Absolute Case, The Contemporary Jurisprudence.

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