Rulings of Istihlal the New Born in Islamic Jurisprudence

Quathafi E. Al-Ghananeem


This research tackles Rulings of Istihlal the new born in Islamic Jurisprudence, in terms of its concept, the signs that indicate it in accordance to the scholars, the rulings that are related to these signs. Especially the rulings belong to washing, takfin, coffining, praying for, burying, naming, and inheriting and harming the dead new born.
This paper comes to a conclusion that al-Istihlal can be proved by any sign that indicates the life of the embryo, and there are several rulings that concern the new born in consequence, such as:
1. Being washed and be coffined.
2. Being named.
3. To nherit and being inherited.
4. al-Diyah, compensation, fails due in the case where a harm happens to the pregnant mother tummy.


Al-Istihlal, New born, Baby, Embryo, Child.

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