The Role of Qustantine In Developing the Church’s Creed

Ahmad Al-Awaishah


It is well-known that Jesus Chirst is the messenger of Allah, asked the Children of Israel to worship only One God, Allah But they refused to follow his teachings.
They tried to harm him and they even tried to crucify him, but the al mighty Allah saved him by raising him up unto Himself.
The Roman Emperor Qustantine deviated from the teaching of Christ imposing his own belief on his followers which is based on the Trinity doctrine, and the divine nature of Christ. He also imposed his versions of the Bilbles stemming from the Church gathering of Niqia in the year 325d. c Qustantine used his strength and political power to transform Christianity form worshiping Allah, the one and only God, to worshiping others In addition to Allah. Such a belief was denied by Christ himself.

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Jesus Christ, Qustantine, The Gathering of Niqia

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