Attention to a certain conclusion in the Sunnah "Objective study"

Khaled Al-Shorman


This research deals with the issue of ensuring a specific conclusion in the Sunnah. And what I mean by it is the intensity of the obligated person’s concern for God Almighty to die in the best legitimate state, place, state or age, according to his condition, in light of the possible. And the sayings and actions of the honorable companions, may God be pleased with them. The research consists of two topics: the first is in defining the concern for a certain conclusion, the legitimacy of the concern for a specific conclusion, and the relationship of concern for a certain conclusion with fate. The second study deals with the legitimate reasons for ensuring a certain conclusion, and the manifestations of concern for a specific conclusion, The study concluded that it is important to be keen on a certain conclusion. And that there are legitimate reasons to be keen on a certain conclusion. Such as the hope of being buried in the virtuous spot, or death in the virtuous state, or escaping from temptation. there are virtuous types that need to be taken care of, such as death in a virtuous time, place, or state. And that of the manifestations of concern for a certain conclusion: setting it as a goal, supplication for sincerity, certainty with the grace of God, continuity of work, supplication of others, good belief in God. it is not necessary for the taxpayer to achieve what he wants, but it is the victor.


Ensure the conclusion, the objective conversation.

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