Commodity Pricing in the Corona Pandemic Jurisprudence (comparison study decisions issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Kuwait)

Bader Alelewi


This research deals with the rule of commodity pricing in the emerging Corona ‎epidemic crisis, by comparing it with the decisions of the ministry of commerce and ‎industry in Kuwaiti. Firstly, undertook the jurisprudence study in a fundamental ‎way, then the author used these decisions and decided on implementation, with an explanation ‎of the impact of the Corona crisis in that cases‏. So began with the introduction in which it shows a brief description of the Corona ‎virus and the definition of pricing in the linguistic and in termonglogy. Then the research moves to explain what pricing enters, the ruling on pricing approval and ‎contravention, its effect on selling and obedience to the guardian command. The research also mentiones how to price, and what is the rule in permissible pricing, and this is ‎from the jurisprudential aspect‏.‏ So the implementation side of the emerging issue was first decided by the Kuwaiti ‎Ministry of Commerce and Industry,then showed the extent to which this was taken ‎into account.The decisions made on the rights of the trader and the consumer, and ‎their compliance with the objectives of Sharia‏.‏ After that, the author explained the ruling of this decision from the jurisprudential ‎aspect in Sharia based on what has been studied from the jurisprudential aspect of ‎the study and it came out on the Corona epidemic. ‏ In conclusion ,the research draws a summary in which it presents the most ‎important findings and recommendations.


Pricing; Corona; finance; financial transactions; Kuwait.

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