The date for filing the cancellation lawsuit under the Jordanian Administrative Law No. (27) of 2014

Waleed Alqadi


The Administrative Judiciary Law No. (27) Of 2014 introduced new provisions that were not stipulated under previous laws. Leaded to radical and comprehensive changes, especially on the date for filing the Abolishment lawsuit, such as means of its validity and how to start, extend, stop, cut the date for filing an abolishment, hence, the importance of this study. Study problem; that the legislator made some cases of time outage within the cases of stopping, and contrary to what was established by the jurisprudence and administrative judiciary, in addition to the shortage in some texts related to the condition of the date. In the first topic, we dealt with the start of the date for filing the Abolishment lawsuit, while devoted the second to the reasons that affect the validity of the deadline, finally, the conclusion that included the most important results and recommendations. Among the results; the legislator stated that electronic means and certainty as means for the validity of the date, as well as for cases of discontinuation of the date. The most important recommendations consist in asking the legislator to amend the text of Article (7/g), by adding the following phrase: - (the Abolishment stage become active upon the date of the court’s decision to approve or reject the request) for the text contained therein, that is related to submitting a request to postpone the fees as a reason for discontinuation of the date.


Validity of the administrative decision; contestation; certain knowledge of administrative decision; Administrative grievance.

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