Alwaqf (Endowment) as a basis for Islamic Takaful Insurance, between theory and practice

Amenah Al-Oqaili, Fadi Al-Jbour, Zainab Maabdeh


This research aims to determine the extent to which the endowment can be applied in the takaful insurance companies that are based on cooperation and donation, and to explain the ruling on Takaful insurance, which has been the subject debate, controversy, and discussion in terms of the difference between it and commercial insurance, which made some go to the permissibility of takaful insurance, and others went to be outlawed.
The importance of the research is in shedding light on the endowment and benefiting from its pioneering role in building Islamic Takaful insurance institutions, and highlighting a legitimate vision capable of employing the endowment in the field of Takaful insurance, which is distinguished by the prevailing formulas by avoiding the problems and objections contained therein, and being able to compete with the commercial insurance companies by meeting the needs of society and reducing risks in the midst of the risks facing society.
This research is based on the inductive and descriptive approach, and the comparative method, as they are the most appropriate for the nature of this research and the achievement of its objectives.
This research is divided into four sections: The first topic was devoted to defining the endowment in language and idiom, its types, legality and its pillars, As for the second topic, it is devoted to the definition and ruling of takaful insurance, the opinions of the jurists, their evidence, and its objectives, and the difference between takaful insurance and the commercial insurance. The third topic is devoted to mentioning the reasons for building takaful insurance on the basis of the endowment and its pillars. As for the fourth topic, the formula for establishing Islamic solidarity insurance on the basis of the endowment is mentioned, in addition to providing contemporary applied models.
The research concluded that Islamic Takaful insurance is based on cooperation and advocacy, and it is legal to establish an endowment on its basis. The research recommended Islamic insurance companies to benefit from the experiences of Islamic insurance companies that are based on the endowment.


Waqf, insurance, takaful, insurance surplus.

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