Plugging means of spreading drugs through punishments and the precautionary procedures (A Legal Juristic Study)

Fadi Soud Suleiman AlJbour


This study discusses a significant issue of the issues that threaten the community; they are the means reaching the spread of drugs, and the role of Islamic Shariah (Law) and the Positive Laws in plugging these means through punishments and precautionary procedures. And the study had employed the descriptive, inductive and analytical method, and deduced that plugging means is a guide from the considerable legal guides, and that drugs are legally prohibited and lawfully banned, so it is a must to plug the means of spreading drugs. This is what the Jordanian Legislator did in laws related through legislating punishments and the precautionary procedures. –The study also pin-pointed that these legislations do not contradict with the Islamic Shariah, but the Islamic Shariah gives a large space for the judge in choosing the type of punishment and it amount unless he surpasses the Al-Mighty Gods limits. And the study recommended some recommendations


Plugging Means, Drugs, Punishments, Procedures.

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