"The Extent of the commitment of States parties to respond the requests for cooperation from the International Criminal Court” (Jordan as an example(

Dyala Ta’ani, Ahmad Zuqaibah


This research focuses on adherence of member states to the requests cooperation from International Criminal Court. It also shows the legal implications of not obliged to these requests by stating the legal responsibility of member states in the court and the extent of their obedience to its statute and referral to the Assembly of States Parties and the Security Council. For example: Jordan (as a member of the court’s statute) when he failed to extradite former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir And the reasons on which it relied on the refusal to cooperate with the court and that stem from the court system itself, which indicates the insufficient guarantees necessary to respond and implement court decisions, including requests for cooperation, and therefore, it is necessary to amend the provisions of the court system in order to achieve the goal of its existence.


International Criminal Court, requests for cooperation, Assembly of States Parties, referral to the Security Council.

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