Jurisprudence Differences between the Single Agency and Implicit In Companies

Mamoun Mujalli Abu Jaber


The research deals with juristic differences between the single agency and the agency that the companies included at the Hanafi School, after setting a definition of the implicit agency, and a statement of jurisprudence rules and controls that affected the formation of these differences, and where its effect appeared in the companies' issues, after reading a book Al Bada'i of Al-Kasani, the number of differences reached sixteen, two rules, and the two controls.
The research showed how the doctrinal differences between the two agencies formed one of the reasons for the difference between the jurists, the fact that companies at the Hanafi base are on the basis of "what the authorization is permitted for, the company is permissible in," and the effect of the difference between the Hanafi imams in the size of the jurisprudence differences.


Differences, agency, singular, implicit, companies, the Hanafi School

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